Testimonials about Ivan and iPower Strategy

“Ivan has good attention to detail and stays very current with a wide range of Internet business topics. In combining his two roles in education and consulting, he brings the best of both worlds to both sets of audiences: namely, up-to-date, applied approaches, and helping others understand how to make the most of these for their own purposes.”

Paul Cubbon
Marketing Faculty at UBC
Sauder School of Business

“I was not surprised by the weight of your logic or the momentum of your life experience, Ivan. I have worked with you before. However, the look of engagement in the faces of the audience and the fact that so many remained behind for informal discussion after a two and half hour workshop was amazing, really!

That is certainly a testament to your honest and fact-fuelled delivery of an engaging and academically well-founded presentation.”

Dal Brickenden,
Marketing Faculty at Trinity Western University

“I have had the opportunity to work with iPower on many website projects and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of their work. They have developed the website and web-marketing for the Health, Work & Wellness Conference for 7 years now, and each year is an improvement on the last. They deliver a very high quality product, and they mean what they say when they guarantee a quick turnaround!”

Deb Connors
Chair at Health, Work and Wellness Conference

“There are few people out there who pursue innovation to benefit their clients as dedicatedly as Ivan. In our long history of co-operation and friendship, Ivan managed to always surprise me with new ideas, new initiatives and new angles to old business problems. His approach is an unusual mix of creativity and academic rigour, of process and thinking, of understanding the workings of the new wired world and the proven business principles that still need to sit behind it to make it successful. In that sense, Ivan and his iPower Lab are one of the best consulting partners you will ever find.”

Lazar Dzamic
Author of “No-Copy Advertising” and “Shockvertising”
Digital Planning Director at Kitcatt Nohr Alexander Shaw

“Ivan’s message about the importance of creating the “Wow” factor in an organization has continued to resonate with me as I look my own workplace. In a changing business environment where technology allows the rapid sharing of information and ideas, it has become so much more important now for “customers” to be satisfied with your product and service. Thanks for a great presentation, Ivan.”

Neil Mort
Rotary Club of Vancouver Yaletown / Director of Enrollment and Student Services at Fairleigh Dickinson University

Ivan is one of the most dedicated people I have had the pleasure to work with. He is a seasoned professional and respected expert in his field.”

Zoran Nikolic, CEO of GM Solutions

Thank you for your presentation. I found your training extremely useful, particularly the way you customized it for our business. Well done!

Ornilo Santiago

“I had the pleasure of working with Ivan as both a student of his at Capilano University as well as a Mentor and Advisor. Ivan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all of his projects and approaches challenges through a lens of opportunity.

His eager-to-help and friendly attitude make him a pleasure to work with and have opened many doors for myself and my company.

Ivan pairs a wealth of knowledge and experience in the Branding and Management industries with an eager, helpful attitude, making him a valuable part of my network. Please don’t hesitate to connect if you would like to know more.”

Jess Sloss
Social Squared Communications

“I have been a friend of Ivan’s for 15 years and have a high regard for his professional abilities at iPower Strategy. I also have received very positive feedback regarding his teaching skills at Capilano University.”

Bill Schulz
Partner at Holloway Schulz & Partners

“Our company has used Ivan’s services as a marketing resource for our website. His work has been diligently done with a clear plan and schedule followed to the letter. The results have been positive and long lasting and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a serious professional who knows what he is doing and what he can contribute to your business. Overall a rare satisfying experience”

Michel Ginoulhac
Consultant at Organic Wine Company

“Ivan is a very knowledgable and approachable person. I had Ivan as a great professor for a couple courses at school. I have had a great experience as a student in his classes. I continue to have a good relationship with Ivan as a friend and a trusted advisor on different professional matters. Ivan has been a great influence and motivator in my career as he pushed me to always look to thrive and follow what I believed in and what he knew I can achieve.”

Samer Daboussi
Account Manager at Sophos

“I first met Ivan Surjanovic at a Rotary Business Forum. This was a networking group for local Rotarian founded by Ivan. The group was developed and coordinated by him and over the years of his involvement he continued to take a high leadership position giving up much of his own time to participate in the groups organization…”

Duncan McNiven
Marketing Manager / International Recruiter at Igonet/Telutil

“Ivan has been a positive influence of mine during my young professional career. Along with an associate of mine, I presented Ivan a mastermind project dealing with an international service for security purposes in Latin America. Ivan was extremely helpful in providing us with sound advice for implementing our prospective service. I highly recommend Ivan as a consultant who holds wide knowledge in the areas of international marketing.”

Carlos Sutter
Broadcast Producer at Go 2 Productions Inc.

“I first met Ivan when he was my instructor at Capilano University in the Fall of 2006. He has a vast knowledge of international marketing trends, which is evident from his website. When I first stepped into his class, I knew right away that Ivan was going to be a great instructor, not only because he has lots of industry expertise, but because of how well he communicates his ideas. His sense of humor really brought interest into the studies as well. Even after graduating from my program, I continue to read Ivan’s “Where is Puck?” blog to get the latest information on the trends in business. He provides valuable insights to his students, always provides expertise advise, and most importantly encourages them to excel in what they do. I find that Ivan’s characteristics to go the extra mile with his students translates well into his corporate/business ventures as well. He is one of those instructors that makes students become champions in the industry. I am grateful to have had a chance to know Ivan during these past three years!”

Victor Yan
Science And Innovation Sector at Industry Canada

“It gives me a great pleasure to express my deepest respect and admiration for Mr. Ivan Surjanovic and his values as a person and an extraordinary professional. I have known Ivan for over three decades, as a friend as well as a partner in our joint projects regarding professional trainings of professionals in different aspects of management and motivation. I had opportunity of working for Mr. Surjanovic in his Management Training Center in Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia. It has been a very memorable and educational experience for me and all the people involved. On the other side, Mr. Ivan Surjanovic professionally participated in the activities of MSI School of Management that established in Cyprus, and active at that time mostly in the countries of former USSR, Yugoslavia and Central Europe. He had several very powerful and memorable seminars in Russia, as well as in FYR Macedonia and Serbia.
I have a great pleasure and professional satisfaction of having permanent communication and collaboration with Mr. Ivan Surjanovic, whose highest moral, ethical and professional standards is a great pleasure to recognize and recommend”

Professor Dr. Nikola M. Canak, M.D.
Author and CEO at NTC – Nick’s Training Center, Serbia

“Ivan has an amazing breadth of knowledge and experience along with an unwavering positive attitude. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Ian Clark
Ownet of RealSpace Vision Communication

“Ivan’s attention to detail and patience is amazing. He transformed our website from a bland and dated marketing tool into a bright, contemporary and easy to use site that has drawn rave reviews from our clients.”

Chris Freimond
President at B.C. Chapter, International Association of Business Communicators

“I met Ivan as participant in one of management training sessions organized by his company, Management Training Center in Serbia back in the 90s. Ivan impressed me very much with his knowledge, enthusiasm and dynamic communication style. We ended up working together on many projects up until today… Ivan has always been very determined and open minded when managing projects and his clients were very pleased with the end results.”

Dragan Varagic
CEO at P2 Internet; Program manager for e-business postgraduate studies, FTN, University of Novi Sad, Serbia

“Ivan is a knowledgeable professional with a diverse set of talents and experience related to business and technology. He loves and understands marketing in modern era. Moreover, he is fun to work with.”

Amir Ghaseminejad
Professor at Capilano University, Owner of Newmorrow Technologies

“I have worked with iPower since 2005 as part of my position in the HWW Conference Inc. team. Ivan & his team are professionals who provide timely result & excellent service to clients. I highly recommend them!”

Andrea Mau
HR Analyst / Planner at Accenture
Project Manager at Health Work and Welness Conference

“Ivan was very helpful in developing an appropriate web presence strategy for us at a time when we were not sure what was either possible or appropriate. He was very effective in balancing his expertise and opinion/advice with allowing us to explore and express our own thoughts and preferences. He was professional, very personable and we were very satisfied with the results”

Ric Matthews
President at Radical Momentum Consulting Limited

“During my last year at the University I had a chance to have Ivan as one of my professors. He not only brought a great deal of real life experiences, but shared with us his real life case studies.
Through his dynamic approach we saw and experienced first hand, his consulting and teaching expertise. His strong skills in Marketing, business strategies and Online and web strategies, help me a great deal to enhance and acquire new skills.
He also became a mentor outside the classroom giving me advise on what career paths to follow, and how to be successful in my future. I not only recommend him as an instructor but as a very detailed professional and consultant, I would without a doubt acquire his services and advice. Because put in his words :”He also knows where the puck is going”.”

Rodrigo Artunduaga
Project Manager – International Operations at Language Connections

“Ivan, and iPower team – you are outstanding! We’d like to thank you for the great work you’ve been doing on the Health, Work & Wellness website and for providing us with a complimentary automatic email responder. We appreciate your hard work and timely response to our requests! “

Muneerah Kassam
Health Work and Wellness Conference

“iPower is a great partner to work with. Having done numerous projects together over the years, I truly appreciate the knowledge, quick response time and attention to detail from Ivan and his team.”

Dal Palmer
Account Manager at Prime Strategies

“Ivan is an excellent subject area expert in the course topics he teaches. He has operated a successful e-marketing consultancy for a number of years and brings his cutting edge industry experience to the classroom. Students really appreciate this strong connection to industry. Students learn beyond the textbook material to also develop hands-on skills that help them differentiate themselves in their careers. His e-marketing and traditional marketing expertise is sought after — he has been invited to speak at prominent industry events, both locally and internationally.”

Cyri Jones
Professor at Capilano University

Premier Plastics Inc. has worked with iPower Strategy for the past 5 years. We have found them professional, diligent and attentive to our budget needs. Most of all they have been consistent throughout in reporting to us on a monthly basis. iPower has done a superb job in maintaining strong internet visibility for our product.

John Richardson
CEO at Premier Plastics

“I had the pleasure of taking a class in International Marketing from Dr. Ivan Surjanovic at the McRae Institute of International Management, and have counted on his superior career advice several times since.
From the first day of class to this day, even two years later, Ivan has always been extremely eager to help and share his clearly expansive knowledge on the business and marketing world. It is my belief that Ivan was the most professional and visionary of our teaching staff, and I know for a fact that many others at McRae felt the same way.

Without hesitation, I give him my fullest recommendation.”

Oceah Clark-Kasperzyk
Business Support Officer at HSBC Global Operations

“Ivan was an excellent and inspiring teacher. He took my Internet Marketing career to the next level with his insight into the industry.
I strongly recommend Ivan in both an educational and professional level because since university I’ve worked with him and he has always gone above and beyond.
He’s a super friendly guy and very reliable. If you’re looking for some advice he’s the guy to go to.”

Lars Vedo
CEO at The Velvet Hot Tub Inc.

“Ivan has a great ability to think strategically, yet apply common sense to every problem. Ivan sees the big picture, but is sure to “cut the chase” and focus on those factors that really make a difference to the business…”.

Rob Arthurs, CEO
Business-Mechanics and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year


Testimonials about Ivan’s e-books:

“Why is it that some of the most important issues in business are often the very things that are forgotten first? Ivan’s new e-book can help any business person to recapture the essence of what is important for developing, growing, and maintaining a business.”

Professor Steve Brokaw, PhD
Marketing Department, College of Business Administration
University of Wisconsin, La Crosse, USA

Through the years I have known Ivan I have been privileged to see his Internet viral marketing magic at work. Here is a man who understands marketing and the Internet application thereof intimately, and his clients benefit all the way to the bank. I also highly recommend his book “Viral Marketing”, when instituted by a wizard like Ivan, can exponentially grow your business.

Robin J. Elliott
President of Elliott Enterprises Inc, Vancouver, Canada

“Ivan and his team at iPower Strategy have been instrumental in creating Women’s Wealth web site and their presence on the WWW. Ivan coached me through all these strategies he talks about in his e-book on “Viral Marketing”. If you read it, do the exercises and put the strategies into action in your business and on the Net you will get amazing results. You will be delighted along with those who click onto your site”.

Liz Crawford, coach and trainer, Vancouver, Canada
Women’sWealth – Creating Financial Success

“Very interesting book and a valuable resource for any business or entrepreneur. Ivan’s observations about delighting the customer and viral marketing are very similar with what is known as “LoveMarks” in the advertising arena. It is about creating high respect / high love brands. It is not easy, but it is the right way of doing business. And it pays! “

Ivan Stankovic
President and CEO at Communis Bates, Balkan

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