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Experience the iPower Lab Difference

At iPower Lab we strongly believe that constant learning is critical for success in today’s quickly changing business world. More than ten years of experience in the digital marketing and education field helped us create a one-of-a-kind ten-day training program that combines some of the best online learning methods including videos, readings, slides, exercises, quizzes and other online tools and resources.

Our training programs are self-paced: learn at your convenience, anytime, anywhere in the world.

Who Should Consider the Training

Whether you wish to update your marketing and technology skills, are looking for a new online marketing career, or you plan to start your own online business, we guarantee that you will be delighted with iPower Lab’s online learning.

Our specialized training programs are tailored for different target audiences:

  • INTRODUCTORY programs are mostly designed for university/college graduates and executive assistants
  • STANDARD training is tailored for marketing and online marketing assistants and coordinators, and
  • ADVANCED programs are designed for marketing / online marketing professionals and online entrepreneurs. 

About the Training

This certificate-based, 100% online training will give you a big picture understanding of online marketing strategy, as well as hands-on skills for day-to-day implementation of online marketing tactics. The participants will gain skills in the field of online marketing strategy, SEO, PPC, CMS, mobile marketing, social media marketing and web analytics.

Watch the iPower Lab video to help you get an idea about our training:

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How the Training Works

All programs are completely online and self-paced. The training can be taken from any computer, anywhere, anytime, 24/7. The course includes video lessons, reading materials, PowerPoint slides, exercises, practice quizzes, and a final test.

Depending on your need and availability, you can subscribe on a month-by-month basis and take the whole course in only ten days or just a few weeks, or you can take as much as the whole year with an annual access to all training resources at a discounted rate.

Video Demo: Five Tips for Creating Google Ads!

Here is a demo of one of many videos in your online marketing course:

Three Types of Programs: Choose the One That Is Right for You!

Choose the INTRODUCTORY, STANDARD or ADVANCED program – click here to learn more and get started!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Taking iPower Lab courses is risk free.  We will return 100% of your payment in case you are not completely satisfied after the first day of the training. We are absolutely sure that you will enjoy our training and find it extremely useful!

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