iPower Way

We believe in the power of “i“. iPower’s training programs are:

Interactive: We involve participants by doing quizzes and exercises during each step of the training.

Internet based: All our resources are placed online 24/7.

Innovative: Our programs uniquely combine our teaching and industry experience.  The result is a condensed, innovative program describing the essence of online marketing and technology skills.

Inspirational: We provide encouragement and inspiration for our participants by giving tips and real life examples from successful campaigns and individuals.

Incremental learning: Our teaching method is based on incremental, step by step learning. We believe that we can teach you even the most complex skills if we divide them into many small, manageable tasks. That’s why most of our lessons have been presented in a 15 – 30 minute format; no matter how busy you are, you can still progress one little step at a time. We call this the “i-STEP” teaching method, which stands for our Interactive, Self-paced, Technology E-learning Program.

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