Our Story

Our consulting business dates back in 1999, when the first “iPower” project was completed for Stollwerck, a large multi-national company in Europe specializing in making confectionery products.

Over time, iPower Strategy business has evolved to include Internet strategy and digital marketing projects. We have completed more than one hundred Internet marketing projects, directly for the clients or on the sub-contract basis, including projects for HSBC, Telus, Mount Seymour, Life Scan, Wireless Association of BC, Canadian Health, Work and Wellness Conference, Garden Inspired Tourism BC, AgriTourism BC, Priority Management, Upside Web, Barcode Solutions, The Organic Wine Company, and Sandman Hotels.

Our main emphasis today is on facilitating and empowering our clients’ strategy meetings and helping them build an admired and purpose-driven business.

Dr. Ivan Surjanovic, CEO of iPower Strategy, has been involved in consulting projects for more than 20 years. Ivan has also been teaching business strategy and digital marketing at Capilano University, Langara College and University of British Columbia since 2005. Ivan’s TEDx presentation and columns published in Business in Vancouver outline some of his main views on business strategy in the digital age.

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