Ten Mobile Marketing Tips


Planning a marketing campaign? Consider integrating mobile marketing as part of your marketing program. Here are a couple of eye-opening facts that may prompt you to give more time and resources to mobile marketing before your competition:

  • The average user looks at his/her mobile phone up to 150 times per day!
  • 91% of all US citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/7 (Morgan Stanley)
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use their smartphone to shop (comScore)
  • 66% of emails are now opened on mobile devices; compare with 34% of e-mails opened on desktop PCs (Movable Ink’s)
  • By 2017 half of today’s smart phone users will be using mobile wallets as their preferred payment method (Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting Group)
  • Global mobile ad spending will account for 22.4% of total ad spending; compare with 7.1% in 2014 (eMarketer: http://www.emarketer.com/adspendtool)

Mobile marketing should be treated as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Consider using any of the six main digital marketing channels: mobile friendly website, mobile advertising, mobile e-mail, text messaging, mobile apps and push notifications, and action codes (e.g. QR codes).

Here are the top ten mobile marketing tips that we hope will help you be more effective when it comes to running your own mobile marketing:

  1. Design for mobile! Test the look of your website on different mobile devices –  http://quirktools.com/screenfly/ and on different browsers:
  2. Use mobile in combination with other channels. The success lies in playing all channels
    right to be consistently present across all devices.
  3. Personalization: Help your customers feel connected by personalizing messages, including tailoring them to a specific area or location.
  4. Honor permission. Don’t send unsolicited messages.
  5. Keep it simple and short. Less is more for mobile marketing.
  6. Respond quickly! Consumers expect immediate responses with mobile.
  7. Keep your focus on one call to action at a time.
  8. Start your (text) message with action words such as buy, sell, save, rush and purchase, to grab their attention.
  9. Consider using text messaging providers such as eztexting.com or www.trumpia.com to help you with the implementation of your texting campaigns.
  10. Avoid over sending! Honor the expectations of your audience. Remember that customers pay for text messaging, so don’t send more than three to five messages a month.  —————–

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Cyri Jones (cyri.jones@zenlaunchpad.com) is a faculty member at Capilano University and BCIT and is the co-founder of Zen Launchpad and Zen Maker Lab. Dr Ivan Surjanovic (ivan@ipowerlab.com) is a marketing faculty at Capilano University and CEO of iPowerLab. He blogs at www.whereispuck.com, and you can find him on Twitter @whereispuck.com

Written by Dr. Ivan Surjanovic and Cyri Jones, 
adapted from BizTech101 column in Business in Vancouver

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